About us

FreshFund is an effective investment vehicle combining perfectly both high yields and low risks. Our investment resources are deposited with class A banks in the US, UK and Singapore in order to achieve a better investment performance on all major markets. Fresh Fund considers careful market analysis and portfolio planning key features of success and as the result of strenuous efforts we have created a truly professional investment team.



All payouts are made automatically via mass payment tool directly to your E-currency account you invested from. Interest payouts are scheduled to be done one time during day (usually between 3:00-7:00 PM GMT). You'll receive one payout at the end of investment period.. Principal included in payouts and not returned. You can make additional deposits as many times as you like, every new deposit is handled separately. We make payouts 7 days a week, including holidays and wekends. You should make direct deposit via "Invest" page.

Deposit plans

Referral program

We pay 5% of your referral's deposits. Your referral bonus will be automatically sent to your E-currency account the next day after referral's deposit. Your referral URL is: where U1234567 is your E-currency account number.